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The Specific Plan Project is a mini-zoning plan, it will focus on the Village area and will make development, renovation, and investment in the area easier and more streamlined. It is a new planning tool to bring improvements such as sidewalks, new parking plans, and other improvements to the Village. Look out for more information to come!

The Apple Valley Village PBID is a property-based Business Improvement District that was established by a consortium of business and property owners within the Apple Valley Village business area for a 5 year term in 2007, renewed in 2012 and 2017 for 5 year terms and is now being renewed again for a 10 year period.

The purpose of this district is to continue to provide and manage supplemental services and improvements for this important business center, including supplemental security services, marketing and promotions, streetscape, beautification, image enhancement, other business-related special projects and programs and District administration operations. The renewed AV Village PBID will enable the District property owners, working as a unit, to continue to fund needed property and business related improvement programs and projects above what can be provided by the Town of Apple Valley on a regular basis. PBIDs such as the one being renewed have been successfully set up and renewed in over 200 business districts throughout California.

The PBID boundaries are centered along Highway 18 approximately from Navajo to Tenaya/Central between Esaws and Ottawa. There are two benefit zones within the renewed PBID – Zone A includes all parcels with Hwy 18, Yucca Loma, Navajo and Central n/o Hwy 18 frontages. Zone B includes all other parcels in District. Zone A has higher levels of PBID activity, visibility, and vehicle traffic and, thus, receives higher levels of special benefit than Zone B and has higher associated program costs and corresponding assessment rates. The main goal of the PBID is to maintain a safe, competitive, and high-quality business environment for the Village area.