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“The FIRST Business District in Apple Valley”

Location. The Apple Valley Village Business offers an advantageous mix of commercial uses including retail stores, service related businesses, warehousing and light industry. It has grown from its historic beginning as a small retail village to a larger business corridor that runs along Highway 18, generally between Navajo Road on the east and Central Road on the west and from Ottawa Road on the south to as far north Esaws Avenue.

29,941 ADT Highway 18 and Navajo Road

19,370 ADT at Highway 18 and Central Road

Opportunities Abound. As a historic, more established area, many of the properties located in the Village Business District are fully improved with the infrastructure and utilities adjacent or close to the sites. The Village mixed used concepts makes it a prime choice for either retail or light industrial opportunities.

The Village is experiencing a renaissance, with more than 150,000 square feet of new space.

Property owners voted in 2007 to approve a Property Business District that will revitalize street frontages, upgrade the Village’s entry signage, improve security and maintenance, and implement beautification projects.

In 2009, the Village PBID Association approved funding for the design and installation of a raised, landscaped median. Marketing and business resource programs are also under consideration.

Development Continues Today. The recent acquisition of 60 acre commercially-zoned site by a local developer adds momentum to the growth and development of the Village Business District.

Today, over 35,000 square feet of commercial service-oriented facilities are under construction. The Town of Apple Valley has also constructed a 36,000 square foot Municipal Animal Shelter within the Village. A number of retail and light-industrial units and parcels are still available.