• The Village in Apple Valley

    The Village in Apple Valley

  • Special Thank You to Our Village Merchants

    Special Thank You to Our Village Merchants

    Thank you for your continuous support of the Village District in Apple Valley. Village Property owners generously pay funds to improved security and maintenance, upgrade the Village entry signage and has implemented beautification projects in the

  • El Pueblo Shops

    El Pueblo Shops

    The El Pueblo Shops in the Village of Apple Valley were constructed in the late 1940s of two strip-type buildings facing each other across a lawn and trees. Frequently visitors enjoyed picnics and rest periods there. The buildings themselves

  • Welcome to the Apple Valley Village

    Welcome to the Apple Valley Village

    A Point of Interest is partly defined as an historic, cultural or natural building, structure, site or object that is associates with events or persons who made significant contribution to local, state or national history, and/or displays unique or

  • History Apple Valley Business Directory

    History Apple Valley Business Directory

    The Golden Land of Apple Valley was discovered by modern founders of Apple Valley Newton T. Bass and BJ. Bud Westlund who were partners in the oil and gas industry in Long Beach, CA.

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Welcome to Apple Valley Village

The Village was the original heart of Apple Valley. Today, it is the perfect combination of old and new. It remains the nostalgic core of our community but is experiencing a rebirth in shopping and commerce. True to its roots, The Village is an experience "Where Neighborhood Business is Tradition." The Apple Valley Village Business District offers an advantageous mix of commercial uses including retail stores, service-related businesses, warehousing and light industry. It runs along Highway 18, generall between Navajo Road on the west to Mesquite Road on the east, and from Ottawa Road on the south to as far north as Esaws Avenue. 
 Our Mission
The Village PBID was established by property owners within the Apple Valley Village business area to provide and manage supplemental services and improvement for this important, historic business center of Town. The PBID is a unique benefit assessment district that enables district property owners, working together, to fund needed property related improvement programs to further enhance business activity and property values. PBID benefits include, but are not limited to, enhanced security, entryway signage, decorative street lighting, landscaping, enhanced sidewalks and crosswalks and creation of a destination atmosphere for shopping, eating and social gatherings. The PBID Board meets on a regular basis to coordinate programs and activities for the Village.
The primary purpose of this corporation is to recognize and fulfill the unique and varied economic interests and needs of Apple Valley Village property owners to accomplish the following specific purposes:
In concert with the Town of Apple Valley, to provide management oversight, directives and setting of priorities for supplemental services and improvements for Apple Valley Village, including a phased streetscape beautification project within the Apple Valley Village Property and Business Improvement District (“PBID”), areas of recognition such as entry treatments, seasonal banners and general enhancements and supplemental public safety services.
Also including, but not limited to the following purposes:
  • To actively seek matching grants and funds from the Town of Apple Valley and, where possible, any other agency, entity and funding source.
  • To encourage and sustain new development, revitalization, economic 1 growth, and improvement of Apple Valley Village
  • To formulate and advance remedies for conditions not considered beneficial to customers, business owners and property owners in Apple Valley Village.
  • To effectively develop, market and represent Apple Valley Village as a diverse business community.
  • When applicable, to receive, administer and disburse funds in connection with any of the activities related to the above stated purposes.
  • To work with governmental entities, civic bodies, community organizations, trade and commerce groups, and local community improvement associations in connection with any activities related to the above specific purposes, or in any enterprise deemed beneficial to Apple Valley Village.
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